There are currently two ways to provide data for Stems.


You can create Root classes for each Stem you want to expose as a starting resource.

Like our familiar friend, the Stem<>, you can derive from Root<> to create Root classes.

As with stems, an instance of the Root<> class is created once per API request.

public class AuthorsRoot : Root<Author>
    public override IQueryable<Author> GetAllItems()
        // return your root queryable here.

Types that derive from Root<> are discovered and their properties are used to drive the data.

Your Roots will use the same IoC container as your Stems, so you can use constructor parameters to inject your dependencies.

Firestorm will set the User and Configuration properties straight after constructing your root class. These will be passed down into your Stems.


To use Derived roots, reference the Firestorm.Stems.Roots package.

PM> Install-Package Firestorm.Stems.Roots

Similarly to Stems, types are discovered automatically and overloads are provided to specify the assembly and namespace to scan.


Data Source

Often, the Derive methodology produces a lot of very similar Root classes. The alternative is to use a single IDataSource implementation to drive all your Roots.


The IDataSource implementation is responsible for creating new data transactions and creating repositories for given data types.

You can register a single IDataSource instance using the AddDataSource extension.

    .AddDataSource(new MyDataSource());

With this methodology, your Stems don't have a parent Root to pass down the User and Configuration properties. Instead, the package creates a fake object for your Stems to start from called a Vase.


By default, all Stems can be used as Roots.

You can decorate those you don't want to use as Roots with the NoDataSourceRoot attribute.

public class AuthorsStem : Stem<Author>

Entity Framework

You can use off-the-shelf IDataSource implementations. If your Stems describe usage of Entity Framework models directly, you can use the AddEntityFramework<> extension with your DbContext type.

PM> Install-Package Firestorm.EntityFramework