Configuration Builder

Firestorm hosts (such as ASP.NET Core and OWIN) will provide an instance of IFirestormServicesBuilder that allows you to customise Firestorm.

Each Firestorm package will provide extensions to configure them independently. A typical configuration may look like this:

    .AddEndpoints(c =>
        c.Response.ShowDeveloperErrors = true;


All Firestorm applications will need the Firestorm.Endpoints package referenced and will need to call AddEndpoints to configure the interaction between the API request from the client and Firestorm resources.

The default configuration is used if no arguments are given. Other overloads are available to configure the EndpointConfiguration object.


Using Endpoints requires you to register an implementation of IStartResourceFactory.

This object defines how to get the starting IRestResource i.e. the root directory of the API. All other resources are navigated to as ancestors of this resource.

To use Stems, you can use the AddStems extension to configure a StemsStartResourceFactory.

To use the Fluent API, use the AddFluent extension to configure a FluentStartResourceFactory.