Install Nuget Package

PM> Install-Package Firestorm.Fluent

That's all you need to start using the Fluent API!

You could put your fluent API file in a whole library to itself if you want.


To use the Fluent API, you must use the AddFluent extension for your configuration builder and register your implementation of IApiContext.

There are several overloads to register your context by type or by instance. The default parameterless overload will use the context instance registered in the container.


No Context

For simple APIs, it might be overkill to create a context class, so an overload is provided to allow direct configuration using the IApiBuilder.

    .AddFluent(builder => {
        builder.Item<Team>(e =>
            e.Identifier(t => t.Id);
            e.Field(t => t.Name);

Auto Configuration

The Fluent API can also be used to automatically detect and configure your API. An overload is provided that accepts an AutoConfiguration object.

    .AddFluent(new AutoConfiguration
        AllowWrite = true,
        MaxNesting = 4